Trying my hand at Writer’s Workshop c/o MamaKat and I chose to do a list of 100 things I want to do before I turn 100. Here goes:

1. Learn to speak French fluently
2. Have 1 or 2 more kids
3. Go on a European Tour with My Man
4. Buy/Build our own home (and let my kids actually sit on the couch) *cough*
5. Be debt-free
6. Eat healthy
7. Get in shape
8. Raise loving, respectful, compassionate, well-rounded children
9. Walk my children down the aisle
10. Gift my parents with a trip around the world
11. Experience a white Christmas
12. Become a food critic
13. Win an all-expense paid shopping spree in Milan
14. Visit each of my girlfriends who are in different parts of the world
15. Watch 10 great concerts in one year
16. Join the Amazing Race
17. Win the Amazing Race
18. Get all dolled up and watch a show on Broadway
19. Marry Meet Johnny Depp
20. Learn to use My Man’s SLR
21. Be as good at taking photos as My Man is
22. Live to enjoy my grandkids
23. Spend a month exploring Greece with My Man
24. Visit the Holy Land with my family
25. Read ALL the classics
26. Sleep under the stars at Stonehenge
27. Volunteer to help at an orphanage
28. Make (or have someone make) quilts out of old baby clothes
29. Learn to cook a decent meal
30. Write a book that people will actually read and love
31. Explore a real castle
32. Overcome my irrational fear of the sea and go on a Carribean cruise with My Man
33. Visit Disneyland with my family
34. Tour the Philippines
35. Be the salt and light of the Earth as God calls me to
36. Swim with the dolphins
37. Go on an African Safari
38. Learn to drive
39. Own a MINI Cooper
40. Learn to play the piano
41. Go on a yearly spa date with my sisters and my mom
42. Pass on my love of books to my kids
43. Learn to draw much more than stick figures
44. Visit all of the Wonders of the World
45. Have my own chocolate fountain thingamajig
46. Think up a brilliant idea for a business with My Man
47. Guest star on GLEE
48. Expand my library of books
49. Watch 25 quality movies in a year
50. Learn to bake
51. Picnic underneath a gigantic redwood tree
52. Play in the rain with my kids
53. Know more of God and have His plans for my life fulfilled
54. Wear a bikini again, without my paunch
55. Randomly burst out in song and have people join me instead of think I’m crazy
56. Celebrate our golden anniversary by having a simple but fantastic beach wedding to renew our vows
57. Grow a green-thumb
58. Learn to Ski
59. Ski in the Swiss Alps
60. Have tea with the Mad Hatter
61. Actually get to go on a girls’ night out with my best girlfriends
62. Have coffee at a cafe in Paris
63. Savor an authentic gelato in Italy
64. Share the love of Jesus to more people
65. Go bungee jumping
66. Write beautiful songs
67. Win a staring contest
68. Save money for my kids
69. Live in an English countryside
70. Be an encouragement to everyone I meet
71. Spend a lazy couple of days watching the whole Friends and Gilmore Girls series again
72. Learn to use chopsticks
73. Be totally comfortable when I talk to my kids about the birds and the bees
74. Learn to ride a horse
75. Then ride an elephant
76. Learn to walk in 3 inch heels
77. See the Aurora Borealis
78. Be wide awake to experience the midnight sun in Alaska
79. Speak with a British accent for a day
80. Become a wine connoisseur
81. Hug and never let go of Meet Ben Barnes
82. Spend a night in an igloo
83. Regularly participate in charities
84. Eat the best deep-dish pizza in the whole world
85. Have a pet that’s as loyal as Hachiko
86. Tell the people I love that I love them
87. Explore the Lord of the Rings Country
88. Eat an exotic dish
89. Be known in blogland
90. Go on spontaneous road trips
91. Go on a horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park
92. Successfully potty train all my kids before the age of 3
93. Own a daycare facility
94. Collect board games and actually play them with my family
95. Watch the Von Trapp Descendants perform live
96. Own a parrot, name it Bruno and teach it to holler “Gorgeous!” whenever it sees me
97. Learn to yodel like Dolores O’Riordan
98. Be stalked by millions on Twitter
99. Come up with snarky comments like Simon Cowell for a day
100. Sing onstage at a concert with someone more famous than Keno. Keno who, you ask? Exactly.

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