The Little Miss, as you know, has been attempting to stand up on her own and walk for a couple of weeks now. She is usually able to take at least 3 steps before plopping back down on her diapered behind. On Saturday though, while we were at my mom’s house, she took 5 (yes, 5!) tentative steps! I wanted to kick myself for not having my camera ready for it, but thought to myself “Oh well, she’ll do it again.”



So yesterday I set about to have her repeat her performance, this time with my handy (but crappy) cellphone camera all set to catch her in action. And you know how it is when you’re armed and ready to capture your darling’s feats so you could show it off to the interwebz? And then this is what happens?

Little Miss’ First Steps from Cyrene Fabros on Vimeo.

Dude, it’s like this kid is determined to foil my plans at catching her milestones on camera. Not cool.

On a side note, do you see her new ‘do? That is courtesy of her incredibly hairdo-impaired mother’s superhuman efforts at holding down a screaming, squirming banshee child while attempting the seriously complicated pigtail.

That took at least 10. Minutes. To. Accomplish! This is why I wanted a boy in the first place.

But who could resist this?

Isn’t she a doll?!

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