It’s been years since the family went on a trip to the beach – our  yearly holidays in Baguio take up most of the time off we get from work, school, etc. So this year we were blessed to have that extra free time to go to the beach as well. My Man and I were so excited that our Little Miss would get to frolic in the water. We spent 2 glorious days at Palm Beach, but it was much too short!

Batangas is no Boracay, but it was breathtaking in its own right and we had great fun nonetheless. The food was awesome, as were the accommodations and facilities. Upon arriving, this was what greeted us:

View of the ocean from the resort entrance

We got there early so our rooms weren’t ready for us yet. We passed the time in a cabana fronting the beach having snacks and of course, so did the Little Miss, pictured here with her Ninang (godmother) P:

Seriously savoring her first taste of chocolate Crunchies

As usual, as a family who just loves having their pictures taken, we had to indulge in one of many group photos:

Beachfront and loving it!

It’s finally time to hit the water!

3 beautiful beach babes! Thanks to P for their matching outfits 🙂

Poor sleepy Sweetheart

She gets the hang of the water and absolutely LOVES it!

Our first family portrait on the beach 🙂

Homeward-bound. So blessed to have such stylish kiddies in the family!

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