It’s become a recent tradition for our family to go to Baguio, a city in Northern Luzon in the Philippines. We love it for the fact that the climate is milder than in Manila. I was pregnant with the Little Miss the last time we went, and this year, she was right there with us. If that wasn’t enough reason to make this trip extra special, my (Godfather) Ninong and (Auntie) Tita were also able to join us. So even though we’ve been there half a dozen times and seen the usual tourist spots, we revisited them just for the sheer pleasure of having our photos taken to preserve the memory of the rare opportunity that we had to be there together. My sisters and I get a kick out of the thrift shops and usually make it a point to visit those, but this year we were all too lazy to do so.

A few days before the trip I made a list of things to bring for my Little Miss for the sake of my sanity. Of course there were the essentials: vitamins, formula, baby bottles, baby food, diapers. Then there were the questions: How much and what type of clothing should I bring for her? Which of her toys should I bring along? GAH. I ended up with 5 big bags for the 3 of us. 😐

I must admit I was also a little worried about subjecting my 6 month old to a 6-hour car ride – and that’s just one way. The longest road trip we’ve been on was 2 weeks before, but that was only for a mere hour and a half. So I prayed for a calm, happy, relaxed little angel. And that’s exactly what I got for the trips. Thank GOD!

My dearest Man a.k.a. the Little Miss’ own personal photographer, naturally took LOTS of pictures. Here are just some of them:

Heading out for the day

With Grandpa at Baguio Botanical Garden

That's us, fronting the most massive tree trunk I've ever seen!

Rare photo of our Sweetie with her Daddy, Burnham Park

One of my favorite snapshots of us πŸ™‚

With her Ninang J, Lola D and Lolo J at Philippine Military Academy

Playing with Grandpa while waiting for the shoppers at Mine's View Park

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