I am loving being able to communicate with Sophie more and more these days. It is just amazing to watch and see how her mind works when she formulates answers to questions, or tries to her hand at storytelling, or imitating her Sunday School teachers as she tries to ‘teach’ her Angry Bird stuffed toys.

Some of them are downright funny, while others tug at the heartstrings:

Scenario #1:
Sophie (with a pleading expression on her face): Mommy, don’t work. I want to play with you.
Me: Aww, but I have to work. I’ll try to finish early.
Sophie: (sighs) Okay, but call me when you’re done, okay?

Scenario #2:
When Sophie asked if she could watch the ‘stand-up elephants’ sing, it took us a while to realize this was what she was referring to:

Scenario #3:
One time we were at a doughnut shop, and I was buying while Robert and Sophie reserved seats for us. From across the room I hear her yell, “Mommy, I want to pee!”. After I paid for our purchase, I take her to the bathroom where she poops. Soon after I let her out of the bathroom she proudly and loudly announces to her Dad (and the other people in the vicinity), “Daddy, I didn’t pee! I pooped!”

Scenario #4:
While praying for me as I was sick with the flu last month: “God, thank you for… God!”. Later that day, as they were riding in the car on the way to church, she reminded everyone to “pray for Mommy, okay?”

Scenario #5:
Recently, I was blown away when Sophie started voluntarily (and out of the blue) saying things like, “I love you, Mommy!” or “Mommy, I want to hug you!” or “I want to sit on your lap, Mommy!”.

Scenario #6:
Me: How did you do in Sunday School yesterday, Sophie? Did you behave?
Sophie: Yeah! But the little boy, he’s makulit (according to Google Translate this is ‘importunate’ in English, haha!). He doesn’t listen to teacher.
Me: Oh, why is that? What did he do?
Sophie: He wants to come to me and look at my face!

Lastly, here is an audio clip we took of her demanding that we stop laughing, after she whined her way through her nighttime prayers:

October is Sophie’s birth-month, and I am definitely looking forward to having more humorous, and of course, meaningful conversations with my daughter as she grows up. How about you? How have you been enjoying talking to your kids lately? What have they said that cracked you up/touched you the most?

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