Those who know me well are probably tired of hearing me say how amazed I am at how quickly the time has seemed to go by. It still feels like I just gave birth to Sophie yesterday – and now I can’t believe she’s approaching 2 years and 7 months. Yeesh.

No matter how much I miss those days when she was little (and light) enough that I could carry her with one arm, I have to say I am enjoying these days just as much – if not more. We’ve actually successfully potty trained her already (and I’m not vainglorious enough to not give a lot of credit to her nanny for that since she spends more time with Sophie during the day than I do)! She’s also done her first stint as a flower girl at my dear sister J’s wedding a month ago – and what an adorable, well-behaved, appropriately-paced flower girl she made, if I may say so myself! It was a good thing that, as a wedding-singer Mom, I didn’t have any lines to sing at the same time she performed her aisle duty because I totally got wrapped up in her moment in the spotlight that any line I had to sing would’ve flown right out the window.

More than those precious milestones, however, the one thing I truly LOVE about my toddler is the fact that she can actually converse with us now – and not in gibberish! Already she’s showing signs of wit as can be evidenced by the following gems, or Sophie-isms as I like to call it, that she’s sprung at us thus far:

Me: “Can I try playing Temple Run?”
Sophia: “Ok. Be careful, Mommy, ok?”
I play Temple Run and die at the 5k mark, and each time she reminds me to be careful. After the 5th time, she grabs the phone from me and says in a huff, “My turn na nga!”

And her impatience is not unfounded, given that she scores better than her Mom:

One time, I greeted Sophie a good morning when I was trying to wake her up. She, not being a morning person, replied with: “No good morning, Mommy. I’m sleepy.” After a heartbeat she goes, “I want cellphone, please?” Probably to practice Temple Run more so she can keep beating me!

Whenever I catch her doing something she’s not supposed to be doing (digging around in my purse, making a mess with her toys or tearing pieces of paper, for example), and I ask her what she’s doing, she goes “I’m just cleaning, Mommy!” Where she got the idea that telling me she’s just cleaning will get her off the hook, I have no clue! Maybe she just knows I love to clean? o_0

As she checked herself out in the mirror, Sophie blurts out, “Mommy, ganda ko!” (“Mommy, I’m pretty!”).

Sophie and I were reviewing her letters. I held up her flashcard with a question mark pictured and said, “Q is for…?”,and she promptly replied “Qute!”. 😛

Sophia: “Here, Daddy, I’ll put blanket on your head like veil. Like Ninang J’s wedding.”
Robert: “Uhm, no, Sophie. Boy’s don’t wear veils at weddings.”
Sophia. “Oh! Are you a boy?”

And then there’s this:

A few of weeks ago, she kept repeating the phrase, “Mommy, I’m a big girl!”. So, one time I asked her, “Are you still a baby or a big girl?”
Sophia: “I’m a big girl”, then continues with, “I want another one! I want another one! I want another one!”. I had no clue what she was talking about and she became increasingly agitated each time she repeated that. THEN she drops this bomb: “I want other baby! I want baby!”

Biggest gem of all and one we cannot afford just yet. LOL.

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