Last night, as I usually do, I laid in bed with my Little Miss as I softly hummed a lullaby. With her head on the crook of my arm, I felt myself well up with emotions, quite unexpectedly. I breathed in the sweet scent of her, kissed the top of her head and tried to choke back a cry for fear of waking her up. I told myself there was nothing to be weepy about.

But the tears formed anyway.

Every night as we lay in bed, I pray, silently. It was different last night. I felt an urgency to pray more purposefully for me and my husband, and for her – our darling daughter.

And so I prayed.

… for wisdom, guidance and patience to help us raise her.

… that we will be emotionally strong enough to discipline her, even on the days when it would be easier to give in to her. That we will be able to teach her right from wrong and more importantly, always be living examples to her.

… that God will prepare us for the tantrums, the “I hate yous!” or the “Leave me alones!” and know in our hearts that they aren’t meant. Or better yet, that those words will never be uttered.

… that we will be able to teach her to love, respect and be compassionate and kind to people, no matter their race, culture, religion or social status. That whenever she looks at us, she see will see those very traits lived out every day.

… that our words will always be a blessing to her – encouraging, loving, inspiring. Never a curse, never depressing, never scornful, never deprecating.

… that by our own practice, she will learn to put God first in her life. That she will seek Him and His will before everything and everyone else.

… that she will never lose her enthusiasm to learn and her curiosity as she grows up. That she will embrace newfound knowledge and form intelligent ideas of her own.

… that someday, she will be a good sister – giving, loyal, helpful, and attentive and an excellent role model.

… that she will be a brilliant student. Always working to excel, doing the best that she can.

… that she will have a grateful heart. That not a day will pass her by without thanksgiving pouring out from her heart and lips.

… that she will take the time to appreciate the beauty of God’s creation. That she will aid in its preservation, never wasteful, never destructive.

… that she will grow up to be an influence for goodness in this world. That her light will “shine before men, that they may see her good works and praise her Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)

… that she will discover her God-given talents and skills and that she will endeavor to use them for His glory. That she will set out to do the work God has entrusted for her to do.

… that she will be anchored firmly in God so that she will be strong enough to withstand the trials of life, for no matter how much we hope to protect her from those, they will come.

… that she will learn to forgive and not bear grudges. That she will live her life unencumbered by the weight of bitterness and guilt.

… that humility will be in her nature. That she will never boast, or allow pride to hinder the completion of God’s work in her life.

… that her heartbreaks will be few and far between. That the damage won’t be irreversible or irreparable.

… that she will remain pure in God’s eyes, never settling for second best. That she will have the patience and courage to go against what society defines as love and wait for her God-appointed, God-approved partner.

… that she never has to know first-hand the deplorable and despicable ways of evil men. That she will be protected from any and all forms of violence at the hands of men.


I felt peace flood my heart after I said my prayers. Knowing and trusting fully, that God has heard my pleas.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus”. – Philippians 4:6-7

What are your prayers for your children?

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