I consider myself a highly tolerant person who dislikes confrontation and generally stays away from them. But – and this is very big but – just like any other normal person, there are a number of things that drive me nuts.

– People who don’t chew their food silently. – I mean in some cultures this might be a-okay. But seriously, I don’t have to hear you smacking the food around inside your mouth. It’s enough to make me lose my appetite.

– General bad table manners. – Like talking when your mouth is full, etc. I do not need to see your mashed up food.

– Procrastinators. – Really? Does it get any easier to do whatever it is you need to do at the very last minute?

– Clutter.

– Nosy people, eavesdroppers. – Having happened to pass by while people are talking does not mean you are included in their conversation. Walk on.

– Bad drivers. – I don’t drive but even I know the proper use of turn signals, that tailgating is a no-no, talking on cellphones while driving is dangerous… I can go on and on and on…

– People who don’t RSVP. – Those are put on invitations for a purpose. Le sigh.

– People who don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom. – Seriously. Eww.

– Untidy, disorganized and unhygienic persons.

– Parents who let their daughters dress like hookers.

– People who don’t pick up after themselves.

– People who clip their nails in public.

– Women (and sometimes men) who wear too much perfume.

– Having to text in a moving vehicle. – It makes me dizzy to do this now.

– People who will blame anyone but themselves for their failure.

– The sound it makes when my daughter scratches her nails on the bedsheet. – *shudder*

– Grocery baggers who put cleaning products in the same bags that contain food items.

– People who drive down residential streets with their car stereos blaring.

– People who talk on cellphones or to each other while the movie is playing.

– Realizing I forgot something when we’re a long way from our point of origin.

– When I’m not able to pluck out that annoying, stubborn strand of eyebrow.

– Hurrying to answer the phone only to discover that it’s a telemarketer on the other end.

– People who like to complain. A lot.

– People who don’t use serving spoons.

– How, for movies these days, the sound effects and background music are much louder than the dialogue and you have to scramble adjusting the volume multiple times for them.

– People who intentionally spell words wrong that I cannot understand what they are trying to say anymore and think it’s cute.

– Grown women who wear rompers. – Those things should be banned the minute a child turns 1 ½ years old.

– Women who wear high-heeled shoes on the beach. The beach, for goodness’ sake!

– Ms. and Mr. Know-it-alls.

– People who assume too much.

– Double dippers.

– People who have no concept of personal space and respect for privacy.

– People who wear jeans that show the top of their underwear, or worse, butt cracks.

– Having to repeat myself. Over and over and over.

– People who are wasteful – of resources, other people’s time, etc.

– People who feel the need to punctuate every sentence with a curse word.

I could go on but you get the idea. How about you? What are your pet peeves?

Inspired by the B2S/B2B Blogging Challenge Idea Bank

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