At around the 4th month of my pregnancy, My Man and I started researching on baby bottles and were overwhelmed with the countless brands we were presented with, not to mention everything that had to be considered – each brand touted the fact that they were BPA-free, anti-colic and superior in quality. There were some that had cute designs and shaped differently, while glass bottles had colorful rubber shields to protect them from breaking and allow babies to hold them up much easier. After giving it a lot of serious thought and making price comparisons, we settled on getting Pigeon baby bottles instead of Avent, because it wasn’t as pricey and we heard relatively good reviews from other moms and dads about Pigeon anyway. When my baby shower rolled around though, I was pleased to find out that some of my friends got me the Avent bottles.

When our Little Miss arrived we soon found out that even though the Pigeon bottles weren’t costly, they weren’t that great either. She would spit up too using Avent, but it was a whole lot worse with Pigeon. It didn’t matter that I would get her to take a break every few minutes or so to get her to burp, she would still spit up after feeding. As for Avent, we had issues with leaking that we weren’t able to correct until around 5 months later, it was frustrating to say the least. After scouring the internet for answers – yes, there were numerous people who posted leaking complaints – and trying each of the suggested solutions to no avail, we finally came across one that worked. It was from Babycenter where one mom mentioned that instead of screwing the cap on immediately, to first gently turn the cap counter-clockwise, then after hearing a click, screw it normally until it’s tight. This suggestion was a God-send as we had no more leaking problems since then.

We also got Playtex Drop-Ins as a gift and use them when we go out. We love the fact that our Little Miss isn’t swallowing much air and so isn’t spitting up much after feeding using this bottle. It’s very easy to clean as well because the bottle itself doesn’t require sterilizing. On the whole Playtex Drop-Ins are our second favorite. 🙂

But I have to say that our absolute, hands-down favorite are the Dr. Brown’s Wide Neck feeding bottles we got as a gift from my in-laws. As with Playtex Drop-Ins, we noticed that she spits up even less after feeding from Dr. Brown’s. The only down-side to this particular brand is that there are two more parts to wash, but we don’t really mind. We’ve seen first-hand that the two-piece internal vent system really does reduce spit-up and gas. We were delighted when she took to these bottles easily right away, feeding more comfortably without her ingesting air bubbles.

Fortunately for moms here in the Philippines, Dr. Brown’s products are now available in the baby section of Rustan’s Department Stores. I haven’t been able to check other baby stores and will post an update when I do find them elswhere. I definitely recommend any first-time mom to try these first before other baby bottles. They are even cheaper than Avent and are well worth every cent.

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