2 nights ago I was kept up late worrying because of a blog post I read. This one was from Zdub at Raising Colorado. In her post she relays how she found out that her son has been the target of a, well let’s just say p r e d a t o r, who found his photos through her blog. You can read about what happened by clicking that link I provided so you can get the story first-hand. Go ahead and read the post, I’ll wait for you.

All done? Okay. Rewind to 4 nights ago, I was on Twitter when Joanna at Raising Madison tweeted the following:

“just a tip. if you install copyright pro make sure there are no link to URLs when you post ur pics, otherwise weirdos can still copy & paste”. She also talked about how acquaintances of hers had been victimized by such characters as the one who visited Zdub’s site.

Her tweets had alarmed me, but not enough to spur me to action. Until I read Zdub’s said post. You know how it is when it happens to someone you actually know and then you’re all shaken up and realize that it could happen to you and you have. To. Act. Now. Granted, I don’t really know her in real life, but this is someone whose blog I’ve been following for a while now! It made me feel sick that someone would do such a thing. I suppose that’s pretty naïve of me to say that, but I honestly didn’t think something like that would touch me or someone I knew.

I resolved to do something about it and that’s exactly what I did. The whole day yesterday in between baby duty, I cleaned up my blog and followed Joanna’s advice when it came to securing the photos I have posted here. I installed WP CopyrightPro which prevents copying of texts and images by not allowing the use of right-click on my blog pages. I went through all my blog posts and erased every link to URLs that were on all my photos so no one would be able to copy and paste.

Yesterday, more than ever, I questioned the wisdom of blogging about our family and posting photos online. But I find that living in fear of what might happen is out of the question. With blogging I’m finally able to exercise my creativity. It may not mean much to some, but it’s grown on me. I value this gift. I understand though that with it comes the responsibility of guarding my family’s security. I will do anything within my power to ensure the safety of my Little Miss, and for now guaranteeing that her photos could not be copied are all that I could think of.

So my fellow bloggers, the questions I pose to you are: How about you? What have you enforced on your blogs to make sure that no one gets to your photos to use them in a bad way? I’m really looking for ideas here and would appreciate your suggestions.

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