If there’s one thing about me that I’m really vain about, it’s my hair.

Don’t let that statement fool you though. Because another fact about me is: I cannot be bothered spending more than 3 minutes doing my own hair. Or anyone else’s for that matter. That’s why I’ve almost always kept it short.

As kids, our mom would bring us to the salon at least once a month to have our hair trimmed. She would troop all 4 of us (the twins were as yet, non-existent) into the room that smelled awfully like a mixture of chlorine and perming solution. It was a boring ritual to me then – nothing so glamorous about it, but it served its purpose. I was always so glad after getting it cut for the simple fact that I will not have to comb my hair twice a day.

Then I grew up. And the lady who used to cut our hair was gone from the salon. We were in hairstyling-limbo. We experimented with a lot of other salons but for some reason, they always weren’t ‘right’. But none more so than this cheap one my sister J and I walked into that fateful afternoon.

I was in college and I was broke when I snipped a photo of this lady (whose name I forgot) from a tv show from the 90’s (the title of which escapes me – not very helpful, I know) and showed it to the stylist so that he can copy her ‘do. I sat on the chair and faced the mirror, excitedly awaiting the finished product.

To my horror, it was a complete D I S A S T E R. It literally looked like a 5 year old took scissors to my hair while I was asleep! I wanted to cry. I wanted to not pay the dude for ruining my hair. In fact, I wanted to do to the dude’s hair what he did to mine. At the time, only my sister found it incredibly amusing and I remember wanting to throttle her for finding my predicament hilarious.

Unfortunately for my blog and for you, dear readers, I have no photos of myself sporting the catastrophic ‘do because my sister and I hightailed it to another salon to have my hair chopped off into a really, really short bob afterwards. I am only so glad now I had the good sense (and a few more pesos in my wallet) to have it almost completely lopped off then so there is no evidence of this nightmare at all. Believe me, a bald-headed version of me would have been much better.

From then on, I vowed to only have my hair styled by professionals. When I started working and earning my own money, I was always so grateful because that meant I had moolah to spend on a new ‘do twice a year. Thankfully, my aunt and her daughters have been going to this really talented lady for years. From the first time I sat in her chair and had her style my hair, I have been in love. Since then, we followed her wherever she went – when she moved salons, we moved salons with her. She and I have had a relationship going on 10 years now. I couldn’t be happier. She even did my hair and make-up when My Man and I got married.

I make it a point to go to her before my birthday each year. You know, fresh new look. Yada yada. So off I went to visit my stylist, 2 weeks ago with My Man and Little Miss in tow. Incidentally, this was also the first time she laid eyes on my daughter. I sat there and asked her to cut really short again, like she did around 6 months ago. Like I said, I don’t like having to spend too much time on my hair but I still want to look good and be comfortable, but I digress.

So really, I wasn’t planning on having her cut my daughter’s hair because her fee was a wee bit expensive and we could find kiddie salons that charged cheaper. But then she offered to do it for free and I wasn’t about to refuse that! The day only went from good to great.

Because I wouldn’t have to do both my and the Little Miss’ hair anymore for at least another few months.

I win.

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