So I first heard read of Etsy through another blogger I stalk frequently visit – the fantabulous Kelle Hampton. Her girls are often seen wearing clothes and accessories that are sold on Etsy. I clicked, had a look-see and promptly clicked the small ‘x’ on the right hand side of the tab. Because I knew what would happen if I stayed and scrutinized the site.

And I’ve been quite successful staying away from Etsy. For 3 whole months. Which is an accomplishment for me.

THEN, My Man, bless his heart – introduced me to another blogger who happens to be one of his inspirations in photography: Amanda Keeys. She is a fantastic photographer. He showed me a particular headband that one of Amanda’s cute kids was wearing to a photo shoot and asked me to look for it, because he was oh-so busy with work and didn’t have time to do it himself. (Just a note to clarify: My Man wanted the headband for our Little Miss, not for himself. LOL) Being the dutiful wife that I am, I obliged.

Well, my research on the said item led me back to – you guessed it right. Etsy. I promised myself I would only take a look at the headband and then leave.

You know how some promises are meant to be broken? Mine was shattered, crushed beyond recognition.

Hi, my name is Cyrene and I am now officially addicted to Etsy. I stayed there for hours. I ogled every single bit of cute, girly (yes, I said girly – ugh!), artsy item I could lay my eyes on. And ended up with 94 favorite items and 9 favorite shops. Ahem.

And because I feel guilty and want to make you feel guilty too am in a generous mood, I want to share with you some of my favorite items.

I absolutely love these Mommy and Me pieces by Lilian Eve Designs.

And what do you think about these hair clips by Daisy Hill Studio?

Don’t get me started on these headbands by Shabby Rose by Nicole!

These petal knot and apron dresses by WillowBean Creations are just too cute.

Banner Boutique has stunning headbands!

I adore the newsboy and leggies by ChicBebe.

These crocheted beanies by Joni’s Crochet Creations are too cute.

Here are more gorgeous beanies by Noggins ‘N’ Bobbins.

And, last but not the least – extraordinary pieces of jewelry that made me fall in love with Hand Head Heart!

Seriously, can you fault a girl for loving and wishing for all those stuff? I think not.

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