Today I am linking up with Liz at a belle, a bean and a Chicago dog. All the text you will find below are taken from comments you left on my posts (I am bending the rules a bit – I’m copy-pasting comments left from last week’s posts as I haven’t been able to write anything this week).

This is me letting you know how much your comments mean to me. Among other things, just the thought that people come to actually read what I have to say blows me away.

Dear You Guys,

Those first 5 1/2 years alone with my daughter were a treasure I wouldn’t trade for anything! It’s great to make a list like this, it helps center you and bring to mind what’s truly important. Nice job!

Wearing PJ’s to ‘work’ is awesome!!!

Being a SAHM is so hard, but I am glad you are enjoying it so much. And your little one is your muse, she is the one who is inspiring you to write so much!

I can agree with quite a few of those! Especially the RSVP one. It was so frustrating when planning my wedding!!! lol I could have invited more people if I have realized that 1. people don’t RSVP and 2. some that say they are coming don’t make it. Oh well… It all turned out fine in the end. Blessings on your day!

Hilarious! I can’t deal with people who scrape their fork on their teeth as they eat. Drives me batty.

How lovely. I adore the image of a small child resting her head in that lap on the bus. So tender.

This turned out so lovely. I too am captured by your phrasing: “I am from whispered I love yous that are meant..” I just love that.

I love the jokes that are so funny you can’t even deliver the punchline. Home is beautiful and this post is just as lovely.

Wow. This is really well written. I can imagine everything, dream of these places, and wish I had been there. THis prompt was really challenging for me, and I wish I had done more with it, but I had a hard time getting around some things that didn’t need to be written about. LOL. Very well done.

Lovely! I loved your descriptions of all the food and your mother laughing to much to deliver the punchline. You can tell you were very, very well-loved.

Typhoons, candlelight, shadow puppets….your imagery has a hold on me. I love it. Phenomenal job here!

Cyrene, You are from beauty and humor and so many beautiful things. I am glad to know you and where you are from!


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