You know how babies like to put everything in their mouths, right? It’s like they’re bent on tasting everything they put their chubby little fists on – the remote control, the cellphone, toys, bibs, bag straps, the back of your chair, the neckline of your shirt, your hair, your jaw… you get the point.

Well for a while now, and I mean a really looooooong while now, My Man and I have been trying to get the Little Miss to put the feeding bottle to her mouth and eat finger food by herself. We would put food in front of her or place the bottle in her hands, and she would just alternately stare at it, and then at us.

Stare at the bottle. Look up at Mum.

Stare at the food. Look up at Dad.

That, and rub her feet together in that way she does when she gets overly excited or very upset. It drove us crazy that she knew to put other objects in her mouth but not stuff that she could actually eat! No matter how hungry she was, she would wait for us to feed them to her. But as soon as she has her hands on the hair brush you can be sure she would chomp on it right away.

So, she finally decides to do it and we got it on video!

Ok, fine. She did it once and then we made her do it again for the camera. This was taken a day after she turned 9 months, but My Man has been too lazy busy and only today found the time to transfer it from his cellphone to the computer.

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