For months, I have been on the prowl for The Bag. One that would hold everything (in place) that I need when we go out with the Little Miss, has lots of pockets for baby bottles, diaper cream, baby wipes and tissue, my cellphone, wallet and hand sanitizer (since I don’t like bringing a separate bag for myself anymore) and would still have lots of space in between for her extra clothes, diapers, etc. Price is also a big factor in all of my bag hunting – I truly cannot and will not, in good conscience, spend a fortune on a diaper bag (or any bag for that matter)! Eeks.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I laid my eyes on this bag called the Madeline from Baby Couture when my husband and I passed by their boutique in Alabang Town Center! It literally got etched onto my brain, that all the while we were running errands at the mall my mind kept wandering back to that store.

After much deliberation, my husband and I agreed to look at the bag up close before going home and see if it matched all of our criteria. And did it ever!

The whole time I was inspecting it, I enumerated the bag’s fabulous features to My Man. “It’s spacious but light, and has lots of compartments; the shape of the bag would keep all the stuff organized – so functional! I love the houndstooth design, it’s so classy and the material is easy to clean and maintain. Best of all, it’s a bargain at only Php 989.00!” I exchanged a smile with the salesperson; I’d done her job for her, quite impressively too.

We’ve been using it for about a month now and I have to say I am one happy mum. All of the Little Miss’ stuff and mine fit in there perfectly, and the many compartments ensure that there’s a place for everything and that they stay in place.

So if you are looking for a diaper bag that’s functional and stylish, I would recommend that you look no further than Baby Couture. They have boutiques located not only at the Alabang Town Center, but also SM Megamall and Glorietta. Rustan’s Department Stores, select SM Department Stores, Baby Company and Crossings Departments stores also carry their merchandise. Or, you can click on over to their website for info on how you can get these nifty bags if you live outside Metro Manila , Philippines.

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