There are many moments in my life that has perfectly etched themselves into memory whether I made a conscious effort to do so or not. Quite a few of them, I could do without – from the hurtful to the regrettable to the downright embarrassing.

But there are also those beautiful events that have brought me to the here & now…

Like the summer of ‘95 when I met the, in my opinion then, most obnoxious guy ever… and a month later when we went from grudging respect to actual friendship.

Like the summer of ‘01 when we went from being just best friends to being a couple.

Like June of ‘06 when he asked me to marry him… and I said yes.

And like that windy afternoon, 4 years ago today when we said our “I do’s”.

God, in His infinite wisdom (and great sense of humor), has brought us through our ups and downs, apart and together, in order to write our love story so perfectly. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love you, Hun. Happy anniversary.

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