We laugh, we cry.

We make mistakes; we say “I’m sorry”.

We forgive, we move on.

We work hard, we have fun.

We’re never boring; always spirited.

We skimp, we save and then we splurge.

We’re superior at silent shouting matches and brilliant at poking fun of each other.

We give, we take.

We’re all or nothing.

We’re at turns serious and silly.

We respect, we value truth.

We talk, we listen.

We’re passionate.

We argue, we agree to disagree.

We drive each other nuts. We crack each other up.

We cherish, we immerse.

We’re doting parents, we spoil.

We’re teaching right from wrong. We’re learning as we go.

We’re setting examples, we’re frightened.

We worry, we trust. We pray.

We thank, we praise.


3 years. And counting.

I love you Hun.

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