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…was when as a teenager full of angst, I talked back to my Dad, yelled and riled at him. For this and many other things, I was forgiven.

…was when I grew up and accepted the fact that just like me, my parents aren’t perfect people, and will never be. That doesn’t mean they don’t deserve my gratitude, or my respect.

…was when my then-unmarried sister told our folks that she was pregnant, and there was no harsh judgment, no hurtful scorn – only quiet acceptance and unwavering support.

…was when one of my girlfriends gave me a stern talking-to because she knew it was what I needed to hear so I could get my act together. She remains one of the best friends I have in the world.

…was when I prayed for my then-boyfriend, knowing full well he had problems that were way over my head. Then loving him enough to give him the time he needed to heal and recover, even if it meant I had to leave him with no reassurance that I’ll ever get him back. And 10 years later, we said our “I do’s”.

…is when the obsessive-compulsive personality rears her dreadful head and My Man does his best to defuse the ticking time bomb a.k.a. his wife with his understanding, loving and giving nature. He’s never held my idiosyncrasies over my head.

…is when the Little Miss gives me slobbery kisses after a particularly hard day when my frustrations and shortcomings as a mom threaten to overcome me. She makes me feel as if I’ve conquered all my failings when she bathes my impatience, my ignorance and my insanity with her innocence and purity.

..was when some 2,000 years ago, God sent His Son to die – in my place, to pay the price for my transgressions and free me from death itself. He continues to love me to this day, even when I fail. Even when I fall.

…is required of me, as God’s daughter and His servant. I cannot do it on my own, so I cling to the cross and pray that with His grace, I may be able to forgive the unforgivable and love the unlovable.

1 Corinthians 13 (The Message)

If I speak with human eloquence and angelic ecstasy but don’t love, I’m nothing but the creaking of a rusty gate. If I speak God’s Word with power, revealing all his mysteries and making everything plain as day, and if I have faith that says to a mountain, “Jump,” and it jumps, but I don’t love, I’m nothing. If I give everything I own to the poor and even go to the stake to be burned as a martyr, but I don’t love, I’ve gotten nowhere. So, no matter what I say, what I believe, and what I do, I’m bankrupt without love.

Love never gives up.
Love cares more for others than for self.
Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have.
Love doesn’t strut,
Doesn’t have a swelled head,
Doesn’t force itself on others,
Isn’t always “me first,”
Doesn’t fly off the handle,
Doesn’t keep score of the sins of others,
Doesn’t revel when others grovel,
Takes pleasure in the flowering of truth,
Puts up with anything,
Trusts God always,
Always looks for the best,
Never looks back,
But keeps going to the end.

Written as part of MamaKat’s Writer’s Workshop for the prompt: What does unconditional love mean to you? (inspired when a mother is forced to give her baby up in The Seamstress by Frances De Pontas Peebles)

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  • The only way I can possibly attempt to understand God's love is by thinking about my own parents and love for my daughter.

    • Completely agree with you – I look at my family and how capable they are of loving unconditionally – and God's words come alive to me.

  • God's love in sending His Son is the most perfect unconditional love possible. Thanks for the reminder and thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  • Yep. I agree with you it can be a whole lot of things…

    • It's amazing how people can actually be capable of it, right? Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  • LOVE this post Cyrene, you gave me goosebumps … so beautifully written and so heartfelt!
    (ok, promise to post the seven things this weekend … that was a really hard task, still trying to get it together!!!)

    • Thank you Nicole! It was a difficult piece to write – so many memories (old and new) came flooding back to me once I started to type it out. But it was all worth it!

      Haha! No worries, there is no pressure at all. It took me a while to get around to completing it too. 🙂

  • This is a great post. My unconditional love comes from my dogs…when they aren't play killing each other that is….

    • Oooo, yes. Pets love so unconditionally too. 🙂

  • findingthehumor

    What a beautiful post. I don't think when we are kids we can understand that type of love without experiencing it ourselves with our children.

    • Thanks Melinda! So true – I am blown away by my Little Miss' love for me and her Daddy. Granted, she is only 10 months old, but it makes me all the more determined to shower her with love as pure as hers (and as constant as my parents' love for me) as she grows up. 🙂

  • A parent's love for a child is the definition of unconditional. At least, it should be!

    • I agree. My parents have been loving me and my siblings unconditionally and I am head over heels in unconditional love with my own Little Miss!! Thanks for stopping by Cheryl!

  • Amen, even in the most trying times, God's love is there, understanding from our parents, a touch from our hubbys and slobbery kisses from little tykes. Beautiful!

    • Thank God for His love, and that He gives us a taste of the totality of it through our family. 🙂