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Wordless Wednesday #2 – Cousins

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First of all, I know I’m late for this, but it’s only Wednesday on the other side of the world so I still think it counts. Our Little Miss and my niece (who celebrated their birthdays 2 days apart in October) received matching outfits as gifts from my cousin Z. We took them to the park right across our church last Sunday to have their photos taken wearing the outfits but unfortunately, the Little Miss was in a foul mood and wasn’t willing to flash us a smile. I still think they look cute though. 🙂

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  • Joy

    Oooh… Cy, that’s not wordless! Haha – just kidding. That’s so cute, Sophie looks big! (Ahh, our babies are really growing so fast! *tear) I’ve been wanting to do Wordless Wednesdays too but I always remember it on Thursdays! Arrgh.

    • LOL I know right? I cannot help it! Yeah, they are. Sometimes I look at her and I’m amazed that this is the same baby I gave birth to just a little over a year ago!

      Haha, same here, but I have an excuse because of the time differences. 😀

  • JDaniel4’s Mom

    I think they both look cute. The park behind them looks fun.

    • Thank you so much! It does look fun and they wanted to climb all over that sculpture (if that’s what it is) haha.

  • My son was pretty grumpy at our last family pics. We didn’t get a picture of everyone looking at the camera—or everyone smiling! Frustrating, but they were still pretty. Just like your little lady!  🙂

    • Oh Rachel, candid family photos are the best! Thank you. 😀

  • They are too cute!!! Love it!

    • Thank you Kristen! 😀

  • That’s so precious!

    • It’s rare to get a photo of the Little Miss in tears so I just had to put this one up. 😀

  • Pop

    Your picture posts need to come w/ Cuteness Overload warnings!

    • As much as your food/cooking posts need to come w/ Gluttony-Inducive Warnings! 😉