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Our Precious Love,

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Today you are 1 year old. It seems like it was just yesterday when I was in that hospital room holding you in my arms for the very first time. I could not tear my eyes away from you, and no matter how sore I felt all over, I did not want to let you go. All the pain and discomfort of the previous 9 months melted away and there was just beauty and tenderness in that moment. It was all worth it.

I feel a big lump in my throat as I write this, but not because I’m sad. The tears that sting my eyes now are because of the joy you have filled our lives with since you joined us. We prayed for a child and God gave us the most wondrous gift, a masterpiece beyond all that we were hoping for. For the past few months I have agonized over the rapid passage of time, wanting to pause it and soak in the days of your babyhood that we will never have back. To bask in the light of your innocent smiles, breathe in the sweetness of your baby scent, feel the warmth of generous hugs and butterfly kisses you lavish me with. But I have come to understand this – the future only holds greater, better things for us. For you, love. I am gaining far more than I am losing.

There are so many things I want to tell you; most important of all is that you are loved. Greatly. You are so incredibly blessed in the fact that you are loved, not just by your Mom and Dad, but by so many people. Take comfort in the knowledge that you will never run out of family to pray with, laugh with, share highs and lows with and even to be just plain silly with. Of three things you can be certain – life won’t always be fair, but your family will be here for you constantly and God will be with you at all times. You have us, your wonderfully huge kin, all in the palm of your hand, and you know it. We all have you in our hearts – know that. Most of all, rejoice, my love, because there is One Who holds you in the palm of His hand and has written your name in His heart.

Every day I pray for you, that as you grow older you will learn to lean on God more than you will lean on us. That you will seek His plans for your life and adhere to His word. You are bound to make mistakes and that is okay. But remember to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, seek His forgiveness and align yourself to His ways. Always. You will never go wrong seeking His face in all circumstances. The world may mock you, aim to discourage you and make you doubt your faith. It’s in these times that you must cling to Him all the more. It’s in times of your weakness that you’ll find His strength will never fail you.

I am so grateful for you my dear child. You’ve changed my life in so many ways I can hardly recognize myself, but in a good way. Because of you I am learning what it is to be selfless and patient. You’re teaching me to enjoy every single minute, to relax and drink in the sights and sounds and feel of the time that we spend together. To not waste one second of each day that we are gifted with. I realize that no matter how difficult it can get, I am a mother. I am your mother. And I am a better person because of it – because of you.

We will celebrate grandly a few days from now, my love. You will be surrounded and loved by family and friends. You won’t understand it yet, but it will be all to give thanks for the blessed day you came into our lives and turned our world right side up. To give thanks for the bright future ahead of you.

To give thanks for you.

I love you. Oh how I love you!


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  • Such sweet sentiments!  You have much to look forward to – I especially appreciate the part about gaining more than you’re losing.  So true!

    • It’s taken me a while to realize that too Joey, that I actually felt foolish when I did. As they say, “the best is yet to come!”. And I am so ready!

  • Joel C. David

    Sophie is truly a blessing to us all. I thank God every time I think of her. I miss holding her in my arms and telling her she is loved far more than she could ever imagine. Pray that she would grow up to be what God wants her to be. I thank God for you too, Cyrene. God has truly blessed you with the most wonderful gift ever. Cherished it forever. Remember, we are always here to support you. Miss you guys. Love you and God bless.

    • Thanks Ninong! We are very blessed to have truly wonderful family around us. We hope to see you and be with you again one day soon! We miss you too. Love you!

  • Joy

    What a beautiful post. Happy birthday Sophie!

  • Oh, this is SO beautiful, Cyrene! I love where you say you pray that your sweet daughter will lean more on Christ than on you as she gets older. That is such wisdom! I pray for that for my kids as well. It’s human nature to want them to always turn to us, but we ultimately need to direct them to their Heavenly Father who knows them so much better than we do! I hope you’ll share this with your daughter one day.

    • I am already looking forward to sharing this with her one day! Thank you for your sweet words Melinda. I know God knows and loves her more than I do and I trust in His will for her completely.

  • Thanks for posting this hun. Happy birthday Sophie! Love you both!

    • Thanks hun, we love you too. <3

  • Beautiful!  Happy Birthday to your little one as well! You know-it’s truly amazing the changes that take place in your life when little ones come into it!! God really knows what he’s doing-even when we aren’t so sure of that fact!!

    • Thanks Kristen! And you know what, I completely agree. My husband and I certainly have changed a lot since she came into our lives. 🙂

  • Beautifully written and what a gift for your child.  Yes this level of love whooshes into our hearts and takes us places beyond our imagination.  This past 15 month I rediscovered this as I became a grandmother. Nothing, nothing is grander than love!

    • Completely agree! I never would have imagined the kind of love I would have for my child years ago. It’s so big and it amazes me sometimes how much I feel like I’m about to burst with it. It’s breathtaking! Thank you Jean. 🙂

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  • What a sweet tribute to your little darlin’. And what special family memories you have and will savor for decades to come. And what a joy and blessing when you share this with her when she is older, creating even more special family memories – and the most important one of all? Sharing the love of God with her. The gift of eternal joy! 🙂 Truly a delight!

    • Thank you so much Kaye! I am eagerly anticipating the day when I can share this with her as my mother has shared her hopes and dreams and prayers for us, with us. 🙂

  • Happy birthday to your beautiful bundle of joy. God has indeed blessed you. But He has clearly blessed her, as well, for giving her you as a mother. I know this because He has blessed me with your friendship, however far apart we may be.

    All my best, my friend,

    • Aww, thanks so much Traci! You have rendered me speechless. 🙂 And what can I say, the internet trumps all distance! Thanks my friend.

  • Pop

    What a beautiful birthday letter!
    Enjoy it! It all goes downhill from here ;-P j/k it gets better. Sort of. The potty training, not so awesome.

    • Thanks Pop! Oh boy, I’m already looking forward to it. LOL!

  • Happy birthday to your little one!  My Lily turned 3 just yesterday 🙂  It’s amazing how quickly the time flies.

    • Thanks Aleksandra! Woohoo, lots of October birthday celebrants! It is amazing. I still can’t believe we reached the 1 year mark already! Happy birthday to you r Lily as well. 🙂

  • What an incredible letter—and it brought tears to my eyes! Happy first birthday to your sweet darling!

  • This is so beautifully written, Cyrene! Your daughter is so blessed to have you as a mommy…and what a treasure this will be for her to read when she grows up! Love it.

    • Hi Kate, thank you for your kind words! I am blessed by her and she inspires me to write. 😀