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The decision to quit my job to take care of the Little Miss came quite easily for me. It surprised me, but when it actually came to it, I was ready to jump right in. Headlong. I knew from the moment I had her that I was meant to spend the first few months – even years of her life – caring for her and devoting my time to her. It’s different for everyone, but that was it for me. Our finances took quite a blow, but My Man and I decided that tightening our belts was the best way to go since we couldn’t and didn’t really want to entrust her care to anyone else just yet.

I never regretted that decision except for the first few months when I was at my wit’s end after being so sleep deprived and having little adult interaction and actually adjusted to motherhood. Some days are so glorious – I feel, no, I know that I am actually doing it right. Others, I want to pull my hair out/scream into a pillow and need more than 24 hours to get some sleep everything done. A veritable roller-coaster ride.

My Man and I re-evaluated our decision to have me take care of the Little Miss full-time when 7 months later, an application for a nanny came to us by way of a family friend. I felt a fluttering in my stomach. I was excited at the prospect of working again, yet, could I really trust this person to take good care of my daughter? My Man reasoned that I could start by looking for another job that would allow me to stay home –that way I could still keep an eye on the Little Miss.

The nanny came. And the 4 days she spent with us was nightmarish, to say the least. I rescinded all the applications I had sent out and we were back to square one. I wasn’t completely devastated –I guess not building up expectations of the experiment had its rewards.

I got the urge to go into blogging (and going public) not long after that, if only to have an outlet for expressing myself. And it was, and is a gift. I had rekindled my love affair with words! I still find it frightening, putting myself out there, but I have stepped out of my comfort zone and there is no going back. I met and made friends with a lot of incredible people – that would never have happened had I not taken the plunge so I wouldn’t want to go back anyway.

And then, just last week a fantastic opportunity presented itself – quite unexpectedly too. I won’t go into the details, and this is quite possibly the only time I will talk about it because the interwebs makes the world a very small place.

I landed a part-time gig that will allow me to write!

It’s not for a glamorous magazine, or a very illustrious website, but it is a start. Of something that I just recently realized I love doing. I have only ever written for myself, it’s another thing to have to write and pass scrutiny altogether.

It’s scary.

It’s exhilarating.

It’s a God-send.

I am ready.

And I am jumping right in. Headlong.

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  • Joel C. David

    Go for it Cy. Our prayers are always with you. And in all things give thanks. Nothing that happens in our lives is by chance. All is God ordained. God bless. Hugs and kisses to Sophie. Miss you all. Love you all!

    • Thank you Ninong! I do believe that God worked behind the scenes on this for me. I am grateful and looking forward to all that He has planned for me with regards to this job. He is good! We miss and love you all too! <3 God bless you too po!

  • Congratulations! I miss the reward of writing for profit. Can’t wait to hear how this new venture goes!

    • Thanks, I’m excited at that very prospect Rachel. Haha! 🙂

  • That’s awesome!  Congratulations!

    • Thank you so much, Joey!

  • Cyrene, I am so happy for you!! As a fellow writer, I know how exciting it is when an opportunity to do something you love presents itself!! And it allows you to be home with Little Miss. What could be better? I have worked at home as a writer since my kids were small. It has it’s challenges, but I have flexibility and don’t miss out on very much! Couldn’t be happier for you, Cyrene!

    • It’s just perfect, Melinda! I love being able to write, work and still be with my daughter – it really is God’s answer to my prayers. 🙂 Thank you!

  • That’s wonderful!  I’m happy for you and I hope it works out!

    • I hope so too! Thanks Aleksandra. 😀