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What the daughter does, the mother did. – Jewish Proverb

I came across this quote on ModSquad Moms and immediately thought of my Little Miss. She’s fast becoming quite the imitator.

Sometimes I find it hilarious.

Like that first time I saw her ‘sweeping’ her crib at the same time I was sweeping the floor in our room.

Or the time I saw her ‘wiping down’ her toy drum while I was wiping clean her cereal bowl.

Or the time My Man and I caught her ‘smelling’ her pajama bottoms. Like we do after she poops to check if we could still put them on her or if it’s time for a change (which it is, more often than not).

Or the time she tried to feed herself with a spoon and missed.

Or the time she ‘combed’ her hair and ended up wrecking the pigtails I so painstakingly worked on. For. 10. Minutes.

Or the time I caught her trying to smell my feet like I am in the habit of doing to her.

Sometimes, it’s endearing.

Like the first time she kissed me back.

Or the times she tries to tickle me back while we are playing.

Or the first time she acted out “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” which she learned just by watching me.

Sometimes though, it jolts me.

Like the time I growled in frustration. And she growled back at me.

Or the time she tried to climb down from the bed trying to chase after me and almost fell.

Or the time she banged her toys against the wall because she witnessed me banging my closet door shut after one of her particularly trying meltdowns.

More and more, I find myself having to be careful about the way I act and react in front of my toddler. She is watching me and I need to make sure that my words match my actions because she is following my lead.

S. Truett Cathy, the owner of Chick Fil’ A says, “Don’t be too concerned that your children don’t listen to you. But be very concerned that they see everything you do.”

Every night before she goes to sleep, I lead her in prayer even though I know she has yet to understand its significance. Afterwards, I kiss her goodnight and tell her I love her. One night, last week as we were winding down and getting ready for bed, I put her hands together and I put my hands on top of hers as usual.

When the prayer was done, I kissed her and said “Goodnight, sweetie. I love you.”

She kissed me back and said “Pa-boo.”

Yes, she is following my lead and I hope to show her the way to the foot of the cross and God’s abiding love. Not just with what I say but with what I do.

Point your kids in the right direction—when they’re old they won’t be lost. – Proverbs 22:6, The Message

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  • Pop

    D1 is the same way. Thank you for the reminder – I often think no one’s looking, but my kids always are. And this post reminds me: Thank God for grace!!!

    • They’re like sponges – soaking up everything they see and hear! I couldn’t agree with you more – if not for His grace, I don’t know where I will be. 🙂

  • Sometimes I forget how observant my toddler is. He notices every. thing. I. do. I have to be careful not to toss a toy across the room into the basket, since we’ve told him not to throw toys. We lead by example, and sometimes I’m not ready to be an example.  lol

    • Ugh, exactly. There are just times when I don’t feel like I’m being a great example. Which is why like Pop said, I thank God for His grace!

  • Jiw

    the little miss is blessed to have you as a mom. i’m sure she will grow up as a God-fearing child!

    • Thank you sis. It means a lot coming from you guys. 🙂

  • Joy

    I couldn’t help but smile reading this post because I felt like it was me talking! LOL

    • Hahaha! It’s just so great having someone go through the same experiences at the same time. 🙂

  • They are little mirrors.  Not always flattering!

    • Ai caramba, you said it!

  • Cyrene, I have to tell you… in this day and age of how “other” parents are treating their children (or NOT treating them) and how children are growing up and acting, it’s certainly refreshing and such a blessing in our society to know that there are SOME parents – like you – who are following the Words of God for raising a child. It was difficult for me as a single, divorced mom to do the right things for my sons, but I stuck with it… they could have turned out any other way, but they are grownups I am proud of. And now, with my grandchildren, I’m trying to do the same thing… to let them see Jesus shine through my actions and set an example for them. Yes, it’s sometimes hard for us, we have our moments… but you are doing your best for your sweet little girlie with the Lord guiding you. She will see your “human” side, yes… but she will always have the Jesus part of you that guides and loves her the most. ♥
    (Sorry I haven’t been online much lately… still digesting my recent mission trip experiences, thinking on different priorities and such. I’ll be posting about my trip at some point, haha.)

    • Thank you so much, as usual for your supportive and encouraging words, Diana! You’re right – we are humans and our children are bound to see that, but I do so hope she sees that God is at work in me even in my frailty.

      And ooo, I cannot wait to hear about your mission trip!

  • My daughters are like little sponges….it scares me sometimes! But you’re so right. They see everything. They absorb everything—good and bad. Hopefully mostly good, though!


    Really loved this post, Cyrene!

    • Thank you, Erin! I agree, hopefully they see mostly the good that we do. 🙂