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3 Years and Counting

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We laugh, we cry.

We make mistakes; we say “I’m sorry”.

We forgive, we move on.

We work hard, we have fun.

We’re never boring; always spirited.

We skimp, we save and then we splurge.

We’re superior at silent shouting matches and brilliant at poking fun of each other.

We give, we take.

We’re all or nothing.

We’re at turns serious and silly.

We respect, we value truth.

We talk, we listen.

We’re passionate.

We argue, we agree to disagree.

We drive each other nuts. We crack each other up.

We cherish, we immerse.

We’re doting parents, we spoil.

We’re teaching right from wrong. We’re learning as we go.

We’re setting examples, we’re frightened.

We worry, we trust. We pray.

We thank, we praise.


3 years. And counting.

I love you Hun.

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  • Robert

    I love you too Hun! Happy 3rd anniversary!

  • Joy

    Happy anniversary to you and Robert!

    • Thank you, dear friend! 🙂

  • Congratulations! Hope you have many more years of happiness!

  • Happy Anniversary! My husband and I celebrate sixteen years on the 18th! Here’s wishing you many more happy years!


  • Robert

    Write a new post hun.

  • Pop

    D1 just turned 3 as well. Time flies, huh? What a lovely family photo!

  • Happy anniversary to you both! Yayyyyyyyyy! The Lord bless you with many more years of love. ♥
    Got your comment on my blog… you are a sweetheart, Cyrene. I knew there was a reason I loved blogging. xox
    P.S. Sophia has grown sooooooo much, and if it’s possible, the prettiness has gotten, well, prettier! She is such a doll! 😀

    • Thank you Diana! My wife is really busy right now since she got her new job, but I’ll convince her to be active on mommy blogging again soon.

    • Thanks, Diana! I am just now getting around to blogging again, too. And I’m glad you are back, as well. 🙂

      Yes, she is getting so much bigger and it amazes me that this is the same itty bitty babe I gave birth to 20 months ago!